Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mona Lisa smile

As I entered the Louvre museum in Paris,my sole intention was to see the Mona lisa painting as soon as possible.As I inched forward closer towards it through the crowds thronging for the acclaimed masterpiece,my heart started to sink bit by bit. The richly colored canvas treasures I saw on the walls before I had reached the Mona lisa room seemed much more beautiful and artistic to me. But I liked mona lisa's hand and so wished I could hold it to empathise with her. After-all the theories I had read about the painting on my flight said Mona lisa was a lady in mourning. But today I see mona lisa in a different way.Mona Lisa is perhaps ubiquitous. The way the artist has captured that serene expression of someone smiling amidst pain is a benchmark of art yet to be paralleled ..

All movie ideas stem from reality somewhere.. I noticed few incidents of my own life in a hollywood movie I was seeing again Tonight. 
I first saw the movie "Mona Lisa smile" a few yrs ago after an exam & liked it a lot. But i could not foresee that someday I shall see it again with new eyes.Eyes of someone who can identify with the emotions on screen. Eyes of someone who has cried herself to sleep yet stood up bravely to face the world the next day.. The eyes of someone who refused to become mona lisa & smile JUST to seem happy because seeming happy is not of value when you are truly heartbroken..or Is it??? Is keeping up with the joneses of paramount importance?? Is keeping appearances the justification for tolerating evil people?? If you are truly hurt should you disregard the age old advice "dont wash your laundry in public sweetie" ?? Is it a bad idea to speak up when someone breaks your trust ?? Is it wrong to move forward & try to be happy when the bubble of everlasting promises has burst right in your face?? Is it wrong to chase your dreams no matter what??
Mona lisa's painting is a mystique in many ways the most pronounced being her expressions. Her eyes conveying hidden grief beneath a fake smile plastered to please. Some say it is a secret she wants to convey- Can you decipher it??
I 'd rather be proudly comfortable & infamous than conforming to norms yet unhappy. No societal norm is to be followed if it takes away the song in your heart. The hurt for having tolerated pain in vain is more than the pain of being ridiculed at for taking a stand for your pride.. Being yourself & being happy is a habit yet to be appreciated by many..

 Julia Roberts in "Mona lisa smile" is such a lovable character--controversial yet so true. I have always loved that movie not only for its ideas, the great settings of a bygone era & the awesome portrayal of characters by the various actresses but also what struck me that the movie didn't have a single "HERO".. The male leads didnt have much to contribute I felt.. Betty warden is such a vamp yet she takes your heart away near the end.. She wants to set an example by conforming to the society's standards..She criticizes those who "seemingly" err untill she realises the futility of her attitude..She realises the bitter truth beneath the false yet charming facade of society she so firmly believed in.. Her debacle portrays the dismay of so many young hearts who sacrifice everything at the marriage altar believing in eternal love yet wake up to find the bubble of promises bursting sooner than a soap bubble even. Even fables would have lasted longer in mind made castles.. At this juncture such troubled souls have a choice whether to pretend as if they are frolicking in matrimonial bliss or to have the courage to walk away? Miss Katherine Watson as a teacher has to face another dilemma as she is forced to choose her job with restrictions or leave the campus unprepared for the future? Many people have to embrace ideas they dont respect to maintain their jobs. She is also shown to opt out of an engagement and walk into a relationship and later walk out of this one too when she discovers her partners dishonesty.. Most people bow down at such moments in life and become "mona lisas".. They choose the path of least damage and continue to overlook what is hurting them & thus manage to keep up a smile that hides away the tears in their hearts. It takes great fortitude not to be a mona lisa.. If you have the mettle to stand up for what your heart feels is right be proud of yourself as you are special & unique.In fact by not being mona lisa you are almost as special as the painter who painted it.. If u are a mona lisa appreciate the intrepidity of someone who dared to break the shackles of "sadly fitting in" !!