Thursday, March 19, 2015

Can You Understand her?

Can you understand her?

With Feelings that grew cold
Among Personalities set in a mould
She shone brightly like a star
With walls around her seen from afar

She definitely had hope
That alone she could cope
With every curve on her path
And deal deftly with everybody's wrath

Yet she secretly hopes for love in life
Someone to hold for strength before strife
Someone to kiss and share the love she hid
All the emotions that were bottled under a lid

Sunday, August 4, 2013

An Open Letter To Kiran Rao- "SHIP OF THESEUS"

Dear Kiran Rao,

At the outset let me congratulate you and Mr.Anand Gandhi for bringing this great movie to audience across the country . The excellent theme and beautiful direction of the movie "Ship Of Theseus" made it a delight to watch.It is indeed heartening to see how you have stayed aloof from big actors and still come out with meaningful cinema that is being appreciated by so many people. As a doctor I want to thank the team for bringing out the essential yet controversial issue of organ donation so well. The movie displayed all the shades of grey in relation to organ donation without compromising on the positive aspects of the issue. It was also heartening to see bollywood portray such a sensitive issue so beautifully without the overt dramatization usually associated with bollywood. I was impressed by the immaculately planned ending which showed how organ donation helped in propagation and prolongation of life in terms of quantity as well as quality. I know the intent behind the movie was not a pragmatic display of organ donation but a philosophical debate into meaning of soul, body parts and identity of an individual. The debate into ideas of "Ship of Theseus" is indeed intellectually stimulating but by depicting organ donation as a background story to deal with the concept your team cannot escape judgement for the portrayal of the organ donation part.

Despite meticulous planning by the director, I was quite surprised to see the medical flaws creeping in and being so glaringly obvious. I am sure the team had access to doctors who could have helped in planning the movie well without compromising the art aspect . Such glaring mistakes could and should have been avoided. For example the stock broker is shown to roam around in dirty locations without any mask after receiving a kidney transplant. Then after a cornea transplant for a leucomatous corneal opacity the patient has not even the slightest scar visible on the slit lamp even! The personal hygiene and toilet activities of ajji/nani with fracture is shown in such detail in one scene and the paramedical staff are painted in poor light.The joke about drinking with respect to the monk who has cirrhosis is indeed appreciable for making the scene light hearted but the monk's miraculous recovery(due to surgery) from a very debilitated condition is not highlighted at all. I do not take offence at the "kidney sale" drama because there are black sheep in every family/profession and your movie depicts that quite sensibly. But a sentence of praise for the medical community who strives to prolong life with newer innovations even if at the very end or as passing reference or in very fine print could have been appreciable.

 As I was walking out of the multiplex, I overheard a couple of teenagers discussing" I wanna donate my eyes" and I was glad to hear that.But in the next instant,her friend admonished this young girl saying "dekha nahi doctor log paise ke liye organ bech dalte hain. aur uparse new eye se usko khas fayda bhi nahi hua,(translation= doctors sell organs for the eye was of not much use to the photographer girl)." I know that an artist or a writer is free to portray his/her interpretation of things and the audience is free to draw conclusions. It was an erroneous assumption on part of those teenagers and Your team is not responsible for it. But, the powerful ending of this film depicting several beneficiaries of a single man's organs could bring about a tectonic shift in the thought process relating to organ donation. Cinema is a very mighty force for bringing about change in thought process. It can be a harbinger of change,usher in new ideas and surely "ship of theseus" has made an impact. Intellectuals seeing the movie today or even years later would debate the various aspects of organ donation and this movie would also serve to increase awareness about it. I thank Mr.Gandhi for making an influential movie on such a delicate topic. Also, this movie depicts even subtle nuances of it's characters quite well and gives them a real world feel wherein the audience can empathize and connect with them. It is a masterpiece and  so, I felt that  these flaws should have been avoided too.

Hoping my words are taken in the right context
Thanking you
Dr. Sonal

Friday, April 12, 2013



Their gaze met
albeit for a few seconds
 but their souls got entwined for posterity ...

He could complete her sentences
 she could predict his actions
 the voices around were merely a muted reaction

He knew he held the key to her heart
 but she too played her"coy" part
till both could no longer remain silent
 &decided to seek God's consent

Some love stories never begin
 yet they never end...
 illfated lovers~
they merely wish their soul-mate
 to be glad in any place & every date

Some love stories never begin
 yet they never end...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mona Lisa smile

As I entered the Louvre museum in Paris,my sole intention was to see the Mona lisa painting as soon as possible.As I inched forward closer towards it through the crowds thronging for the acclaimed masterpiece,my heart started to sink bit by bit. The richly colored canvas treasures I saw on the walls before I had reached the Mona lisa room seemed much more beautiful and artistic to me. But I liked mona lisa's hand and so wished I could hold it to empathise with her. After-all the theories I had read about the painting on my flight said Mona lisa was a lady in mourning. But today I see mona lisa in a different way.Mona Lisa is perhaps ubiquitous. The way the artist has captured that serene expression of someone smiling amidst pain is a benchmark of art yet to be paralleled ..

All movie ideas stem from reality somewhere.. I noticed few incidents of my own life in a hollywood movie I was seeing again Tonight. 
I first saw the movie "Mona Lisa smile" a few yrs ago after an exam & liked it a lot. But i could not foresee that someday I shall see it again with new eyes.Eyes of someone who can identify with the emotions on screen. Eyes of someone who has cried herself to sleep yet stood up bravely to face the world the next day.. The eyes of someone who refused to become mona lisa & smile JUST to seem happy because seeming happy is not of value when you are truly heartbroken..or Is it??? Is keeping up with the joneses of paramount importance?? Is keeping appearances the justification for tolerating evil people?? If you are truly hurt should you disregard the age old advice "dont wash your laundry in public sweetie" ?? Is it a bad idea to speak up when someone breaks your trust ?? Is it wrong to move forward & try to be happy when the bubble of everlasting promises has burst right in your face?? Is it wrong to chase your dreams no matter what??
Mona lisa's painting is a mystique in many ways the most pronounced being her expressions. Her eyes conveying hidden grief beneath a fake smile plastered to please. Some say it is a secret she wants to convey- Can you decipher it??
I 'd rather be proudly comfortable & infamous than conforming to norms yet unhappy. No societal norm is to be followed if it takes away the song in your heart. The hurt for having tolerated pain in vain is more than the pain of being ridiculed at for taking a stand for your pride.. Being yourself & being happy is a habit yet to be appreciated by many..

 Julia Roberts in "Mona lisa smile" is such a lovable character--controversial yet so true. I have always loved that movie not only for its ideas, the great settings of a bygone era & the awesome portrayal of characters by the various actresses but also what struck me that the movie didn't have a single "HERO".. The male leads didnt have much to contribute I felt.. Betty warden is such a vamp yet she takes your heart away near the end.. She wants to set an example by conforming to the society's standards..She criticizes those who "seemingly" err untill she realises the futility of her attitude..She realises the bitter truth beneath the false yet charming facade of society she so firmly believed in.. Her debacle portrays the dismay of so many young hearts who sacrifice everything at the marriage altar believing in eternal love yet wake up to find the bubble of promises bursting sooner than a soap bubble even. Even fables would have lasted longer in mind made castles.. At this juncture such troubled souls have a choice whether to pretend as if they are frolicking in matrimonial bliss or to have the courage to walk away? Miss Katherine Watson as a teacher has to face another dilemma as she is forced to choose her job with restrictions or leave the campus unprepared for the future? Many people have to embrace ideas they dont respect to maintain their jobs. She is also shown to opt out of an engagement and walk into a relationship and later walk out of this one too when she discovers her partners dishonesty.. Most people bow down at such moments in life and become "mona lisas".. They choose the path of least damage and continue to overlook what is hurting them & thus manage to keep up a smile that hides away the tears in their hearts. It takes great fortitude not to be a mona lisa.. If you have the mettle to stand up for what your heart feels is right be proud of yourself as you are special & unique.In fact by not being mona lisa you are almost as special as the painter who painted it.. If u are a mona lisa appreciate the intrepidity of someone who dared to break the shackles of "sadly fitting in" !!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

MY IDEAS ON ANNA'S MOVEMENT : pls read if you love & respect your country INDIA

my ideas on ANNA 'S movement

I have not yet actively made statements to support ANNA bcos somewhere I feel each Indian is responsible for the sorry state of affairs we have in our country...Before supporting ANNA,be clear in Your ideas..Holding candles is meaningless if next morning you r ready to give bribe for your illegal work somewhere...If india has awesome medical colleges like AIIMS and people pay bribe to get PG seat in it--someone accepts that bribe to leak the question paper...
Why does'nt each one of us vote??? mostly we dont..actually we,the intellectual masses have all been very selfish mostly... I feel many people are supporting ANNA merely as a trend... ANNA's anticorruption drive shouldnt be a fashion statement...CHANGE IS FROM WITHIN AND NOT JUST A FACEBOOK STATUS... How many of us have done "sifarish" for our work somewhere?? How many people have favoured their kin in official capacity??? How many of us break a traffic rule & pay bribe instead of proper challan?? How many people hold fake driving license(without proper driving test)/rashan card/BPL certificate??? ANSWER IS MANY MANY MILLIONS DO...
How many of us are ready to break the chain of bribery/nepotism/sifarish??? Unless we are mentally ready to do it--no use crying ANNA slogans... Would YOu stop giving bribes before YOu ask someone else to stop accepting it?? If u r ready to change the face of the country be ready to change yourself first... I know it is easier said than done. Lokpal bill might come in force but corrupt minds will find some loophole there..
I respect ANNA & support his efforts but mere support is not enough--what is of paramount importance is to look within-introspect as to where have we been at fault?how can we correct ourselves& be more responsible...?? It's difficult to lie to a honest& truthful person... It's easier to point out faults in the system & forget your own... My dear frnds we are part of the system because we made it the way it is today..Now we can't handle the monster we created...My point is effort much more than pressurizing Govt. to pass bill is needed...Stop paying bribes... Stand firm in YOur stand for a just system...I think that not only "anna" slogans but a change of mindset is the prime need of the hour...

Friday, May 28, 2010

a very inspiring poem

I took this poem from the famous book by Napolean Hill "think & grow rich" it's sublime message inspires me always!
“I bargained with life for a penny’
And life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store.

For life is just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages
Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire
Only to learn, dismayed ,
That any wage I had asked of LIFE
LIFE would have willingly paid”

-Jessie B. Rittenhouse

Saturday, April 17, 2010



Gold rimmed glasses.
Golden polish.
Gold plated.
Golden temple.
Gold rates.
Any mention of G+O+L+D rings a unique bell in an average Indian’s mind. True not only for Indian Indians but also for our dear PRAVASI BHARTIYA NRI’s. Several jewelers of our gold conscious country specialize in making jewellary for NRI weddings & functions. This bit of information was provided 1st as almost every one in India knows some big gold/diamond jeweler whose family has been in the business since ages. they have thrived on our obsession with gold ornaments primarily. Precious stones&  diamonds are also sought after depending on your income level. But it all begins with gold.
No wedding is complete without intense discussion about the amount of gold a bride receives from her parents. Not even when miss.CA is getting married to ex-IITian. Whatever be the occupation, personality &talent of a bride, her prime objective in a typical Indian wedding is to become an ornate ornament collection. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends came from the west.its clich├ęd but true. Women love ornaments. But in Indian scenario it would be an understatement. Here, gold is a girl’s family probably. Not only do women passionately buy &  flaunt gold& other jewellary in India but our men also take interest in the gold hoarded by a family.
This love for no, lust for gold has given rise to an industry in parallel to gold & gemstones. It is the clever marketing of fake or imitation ornaments loaned for weddings only.I was astonished to see armor like necklaces adorned by an educated girl on her wedding. I asked why some gals spend too too much on something u may wear only once or twice? I don't like such heavy designs of ornaments! She smiled at me &  handed over to me a card of the shop that arranged all the fake stuff for those who want to show off without spending the moolah. Wow! Why pretend so much?? Just to follow a trend.. the real gold a man gifts his daughter is the education he imparts to her in her formative years. More important than her rubies& pearls is making her a holistic personality & nurturing her talents. She would probably be a better partner if engrossed in her hobbies than a lady having loads of gold but nagging her busy husband out of boredom. An educated girl is a future asset to this country incomparable to any item weighed in carats.
Traditions differ. But the urge to show off gold in India hardly wanes. Not only would the idea of wearing fake jewellary ONLY on some important occassion bring a frown to my loved ones’ faces,it will bring a rash to my sensitive skin also. So I don't wanna pretend in life! I believe I ll buy some ornaments to satisfy my feminine urge of adorning my body but wont overdo it to keep with the jones’ . I give importance to gold but also to other things in life. Why should I hide the fact that I prefer to spend my money in a more meaningful ways also? I will buy some jewelery but If given an opportunity I would give importance to spending money in more meaningful ways books..or I would consider a journey to the beautiful alps because…they ll both give me much more moments to cherish…when I shall get married,i will definitely remember the dresses & ornaments I wore on my wedding but a visit to Paris or Italy with my husband will give much more cherishable memories for yrs to come.I may buy a better car which will help me explore new destinations comfortably instead of making me feel like a stuffed doll acting like a gemstone display.
Europeans & Americans buy emeralds,rubies & ther precious stones from India. But they donot judge a man’s worth ONLY by the jewellary his daughter wears. Women of all nationalities love to adorn themselves with platinum surrounding a de Beer’s product but no where except in India do people obsess over gold as a NECCESSITY. Despite modernization ,increasing awareness & increasing literacy rate of women in India that inherent fixation with GOLD continues. Some may reject the concept of dowry yet gleefully state that so& so is adorning 150gms gold. Most girls keep such jewellary safely in lockers and wear something simpler daily… everyone forgets that the most beautiful thing a girl wears is a beautiful expression-a sparkling smile which comes from a happy countenance from within. It won’t come from a competition with’s new diamond bracelet.
Clever marketing adds to the Indian gold fever. Eg. a bride receiving blessings from her father on her wedding. Caption “gift your daughter the best on the occasion of a life time” she’ll eat, drink &work in her life time but probably wear that “best” only few times!! I , once overheard a gentleman comment to a busy lady doctor that seems your practice is not as roaring as it used to last year.surprised she asked why? He replied the length of your ear-rings has halved! Oops!! So if a person is earning well ,she should wear it in her ears!! She cant spend it on her kids’ education or a treadmill at home or donate to poor kids.. she must wear larger pieces of gold to prove a point.
I also love to wear jewelery like fashionable bracelets or delicate chains with my fashionable attires or adorn traditional jewelery on festivals& occasions.Traditional jewelery gifted from our elders carries forward not only our traditions but also is a hallmark of their love,affection &blessings. I believe that is what gold & ornaments should stand for. Viewing them as competitive items is not correct. After all love & blessings in any form are priceless.
I wanted this article to be satire but my heart gave me a sermon when I saw wedding pictures of an acquaintance with more comments about the bride’s ornaments than about her as a person. A jeweler I met told me about kundan/meena/ precious&semi-precious stones&was surprised by my lack of knowledge about the subject. I smilingly mentioned I have been busy learning about 206 human bones & its million enzymes that help a human like you live. He said despite being an Indian lady, you are less aware but be it engineer or writer or housewife, all Indian ladies know about gold  & its intricacies. Ok! Despite being clad in jeans & tshirt if I could be fitting in the tag of an Indian lady(not girl which I wud have preferred ) why not modernize our views about jewellary?? Why not fill our minds with precious ideas ?? Time to get the silver polish & gold tinting off our grey cells.
Or do I have to get this printed in golden letters to grab your eyeballs?