Thursday, August 18, 2011

MY IDEAS ON ANNA'S MOVEMENT : pls read if you love & respect your country INDIA

my ideas on ANNA 'S movement

I have not yet actively made statements to support ANNA bcos somewhere I feel each Indian is responsible for the sorry state of affairs we have in our country...Before supporting ANNA,be clear in Your ideas..Holding candles is meaningless if next morning you r ready to give bribe for your illegal work somewhere...If india has awesome medical colleges like AIIMS and people pay bribe to get PG seat in it--someone accepts that bribe to leak the question paper...
Why does'nt each one of us vote??? mostly we dont..actually we,the intellectual masses have all been very selfish mostly... I feel many people are supporting ANNA merely as a trend... ANNA's anticorruption drive shouldnt be a fashion statement...CHANGE IS FROM WITHIN AND NOT JUST A FACEBOOK STATUS... How many of us have done "sifarish" for our work somewhere?? How many people have favoured their kin in official capacity??? How many of us break a traffic rule & pay bribe instead of proper challan?? How many people hold fake driving license(without proper driving test)/rashan card/BPL certificate??? ANSWER IS MANY MANY MILLIONS DO...
How many of us are ready to break the chain of bribery/nepotism/sifarish??? Unless we are mentally ready to do it--no use crying ANNA slogans... Would YOu stop giving bribes before YOu ask someone else to stop accepting it?? If u r ready to change the face of the country be ready to change yourself first... I know it is easier said than done. Lokpal bill might come in force but corrupt minds will find some loophole there..
I respect ANNA & support his efforts but mere support is not enough--what is of paramount importance is to look within-introspect as to where have we been at fault?how can we correct ourselves& be more responsible...?? It's difficult to lie to a honest& truthful person... It's easier to point out faults in the system & forget your own... My dear frnds we are part of the system because we made it the way it is today..Now we can't handle the monster we created...My point is effort much more than pressurizing Govt. to pass bill is needed...Stop paying bribes... Stand firm in YOur stand for a just system...I think that not only "anna" slogans but a change of mindset is the prime need of the hour...


  1. i totally agree..everyone is just caught up in the fever.. noone would be willing not to take a bribe / give a bribe the next day.. it will take much more than this to change the mindset

  2. I agree at some points.. though its not a poll to agree or disagree. I see Taking BRIBE is a FASHION.. Yaar sab lete hain to main kyu nahi? It is like bribe is part of Package.

  3. thanx for reading and sharing ur views kushal and pythoroshan...

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  5. be the change you want to see...if every individual follows this philosophy, we won't be where we are now in terms of social degeneration

  6. m totally agree,,,!
    V shud b d change v wnt 2 c in d mahatma gandhi qouted..!!