Friday, April 16, 2010



This is to express my heartfelt gratitude to my able seniors in the medical profession.

They have all helped me in some way or the other. I saw few doctors in my family & came to know the good aspects of this profession ,so I decided to become a doctor too..So I begin by thanking them first for starting me on this journey of helping ailing souls.When I saw patients thanking them profusely I realized that how much can I contribute to the society by becoming a doctor

Next I want to thank doctors in my college.They have taught me well and imparted knowledge which empowers me as a medical person. My professors have not only taught me about various diseases,syndromes etc but have instilled in me a respect for humanity..Their methods of giving importance to the patient not as a case but as a human being who has to be helped shall always remain ingrained in my psyche. Every doctor who is my senior has more experience & so I am glad to have learnt practical work while working with the residents& senior residents during my internship. Also my university appreciated my talent as a poet and writer & gave me ample chances in extra curricular activities which has made me more confident. My principal & few professors nurtured my talent so,thanks a lot, sir& ma'am!!

Some helped me by not helping me! I became more independent. THANKS
Some helped me by being rude,dismissive & showing superiority.They taught me how to cope with such people without losing my cool. Also I must thank people who were playing pranks during ragging period in MBBS--I resolved I wont trouble any junior & held a post in the anti-ragging squad in my hostel..Thanks for making me tougher with each hardship few people brought in my way.

I owe a deep sense of gratitude to the senior teachers & few seniors who guided me during PG entrance preparation. A special vote of thanks to a senior who told us to study a particular book in great detail as it was crucial to my preparation.. Another pal who was doing PG helped me by allaying my anxiety when I would get depressed after mock tests!The tips given by this person helped me revise better.

But these are all people who knew me may be as a junior/family person/student/intern/friend etc.
Now I want to thank few people who didn't know me at all yet helped me. When I had to find about colleges/their environment/surgical exposure etc, I tried to search for contacts of that college/city..I call people& request them to give me contacts and a chain started.. I contacted a person in bangalore who gave me a contact of kolkatta who gave a contact of a punjabi on & so forth--the chain runs!! Thanks a ton to all the doctors who understand what it is to choose a seat& guide their juniors well. May all such helping doctors rise & shine!!  I have learnt from them how to help all my juniors!!

A big round of applause for the medical fraternity which stands united to help each other for various issues.. I wrote a letter to the editor of HT 2yrs ago and posted it online now. Learned doctors & surgeons read it and passed it on to their colleagues.. I want to thank all doctors esply doctors on twitter who began the chain by passing it to few associations..Then some associations also took time to read and forward it..My written word got such heartwarming response from my seniors in the medical profession that I am overwhelmed...By sharing their thoughts about doctor related issues,they have said that they also feel similarly.. I cant find words to express my gratitude or to thank them enough as they have not only appreciated my writing skills but also given me a deeper purpose to pursue if life permits..
I am sorry if i left anyone out,but hoping I have covered the important people by thanking them..

Life is beautiful and by being thankful to the LORD we invoke further divine blessings in our lives.
I want to thank all people who have come in my life as everyone teaches us a lesson but this was dedicated especially to medical world of which I am a part,albeit a small part,yet connected to so many greater parts who have helped me in a million ways and all deserved to be thanked..

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